Manchester Menopause Clinic Testimonials

Anon 3

‘Thankyou for your help and support. It means a huge amount to have someone who understands and can help.’

Anon 4

‘Lovely to speak to Dr Zoe yesterday, her professional advice and caring nature is of real benefit to me and it has given me the direction I so needed.’

Anon 2

‘I am so pleased that I booked in with Dr Zoe. I felt that she listened to the issues and symptoms that I had been experiencing and was able to explain what was going on with my body. It certainly did not feel like a ‘one size fits all’ appointment-just as us women are so different so our management of this time of life needs to be.

Thankyou, for listening, understanding and tailoring my plan-you’re (quite literally) a life saver. ‘

Anon 1

‘Thank you for meeting me on Wednesday and being so compassionate, informative and friendly.’

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